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Children’s Learning Adventure understands families are going through an extraordinarily tough time. We are all in this together, that is why we are offering families who enroll and start by January 31, 2021 an annual scholarship per child up to $1,000 annually.

Our STEAM-Based Curriculum

Our students rotate through multiple learning environments including culinary, art, science, dramatic play, and our media center. This ensures daily exposure to STEAM-based learning, which uses a hands-on, systematic approach to teach science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics while developing both problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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COVID-19 Health & Safety Precautions

The safety and well-being of our students, families, and staff is Children’s Learning Adventure’s highest priority. Please click the link below for important information regarding health screenings and COVID-19 prevention at your child’s campus.

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Weekly Field Trips

At Science Adventures Camp, we will satisfy your child’s curious mind through the wonderment of science. Join us as we discover many of the fascinating aspects of the human body, invent wacky concoctions, learn about animals and habitats across the globe, and get our hands dirty while examining archeology, ancient history, dinosaurs, and so much more! Our campers will be immersed in the amazing world of science all while having fun, making friends, and creating lifelong memories.

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Zoology Zone Sample Day


Morning Meeting - Classifying Animals
Campers will learn about and practice using categories and classifications to identify similarities and differencies between animals.

Field Trip - Zoo
Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Oh My! Campers will enjoy using their new zoologist skills to observe the animals and haitats at the zoo!


Science Lab - How Do Animals Stay Warm?
Campers will have icy cool time during as hands-on exploration of how animals stay warm in very cold climates.

Sports & Fitness - Animal Olympics
Campers will have fun moving through an obstacle course where they will hop like a bunny...gallop like a horse...waddle like a penguin...

Cooking Class - Hungy Hippo Taco Dip
Campers will create a festive, colorful taco dip that is so tasty it will make a hungry hippo say 'ole!

Wrapping Up - Animal Boogie
Campers will have a blast while making different animal movements to the jungle beat!

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Space Exploration Sample Day


Morning Meeting - Solar System Search
In groups, campers will search the galaxy for all the planets in our solar system.

Field Trip - Planetarium
A visit to the planetarium is sure to bring out-of-this-world learning experiences for our campers as they enjoy hands-on, minds-on activities and explore amazing facts about the univers


Science Lab - Pop Rockers
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's our Pop Rocket! Watch as our campers design then launch their very own rocket!

Sports & Fitness - Moon Rock Relay
Campers attempt to carefully carry their moon rock to the finish line without dropping it!

Cooking Class - Fruit Rockets
3..2..1..Blast Off! Campers will make rocketships out of fresh fruit and marshmallows!

Wrapping Up - If I Were an Astronaut
Campers will use their imaginations to create a cooperative story about an astronaut going into space.

Weekly Themes:
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Scientific Mysteries

Paleontology Party

Space Exploration

Laboratory Creations

Endless Energy

Kid Chemistry

Archaeology Adventures

Go H20!

Move it with Simple Machines

Zoology Zone

Inspire Invention

The Amazing Human Body